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Zhongding Little Freddie cooperation strategy to explore product packaging recycling

Little Freddie (small skin) is a company specialized in the research, development, production and sales of organic infant food imported from Europe. The whole line of products covers baby complementary foods, healthy snacks, staple foods, etc., to meet the growth needs of children of different ages. The products adhere to the organic principle, no unnecessary addition, balanced nutrition, no unnecessary addition, and each batch of products has complete traceability and safety testing. In Chinese Mainland, Little Freddie has become one of the representative enterprises in the infant food industry. The sales network covers online and offline channels such as Tmall, JD, Tiktok, Vipshop, Sam, Ole, Kid Wang, Metro, and serves tens of millions of families in China.

Wuxi Zhongding Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, with 20 years of production management experience, and its production system has obtained ISO certification. The company focuses on the research and development of paper handles and related supporting equipment and solutions. It is a scientific and technological innovation company that independently develops new products, new materials and new process solutions, and continues to contribute to the development of China's green and low-carbon industries.

In recent years, with the challenge of the global epidemic to the economy and the intensification of climate change, environmental issues and sustainable development have become the primary concerns of the global business community.

With a responsible attitude towards the environment and society, Xiaopi is responsible for the safety, delicacy and nutrition of complementary foods, the care and concern for the future living environment, and the love and responsibility of children. Through unremitting efforts, we will help generations grow healthily. This coincides with the purpose of Zhongding "environmental protection concept and recycling". We hope that the paper handle can replace the plastic handle to solve the environmental protection problem from the source.

The cooperation between Zhongding and Xiaopi will surely find new inspiration on the road of environmental protection. The beautiful earth is not only the natural environment, but also the humanities. As corporate citizens, we will continue to take more social responsibilities with practical actions.


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