Aims To Replace Plastic Handles With Paper Handles

Wuxi Zhongding Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, focusing on the research and development of paper handle and related supporting equipment and solutions, is a technology innovative company with independent development of new products, new materials, new process solutions.

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The core founders of Zhongding come from packaging, electronics, automotive, intelligent equipment and other industries, with advanced research and development concepts and methods, and with a sound manufacturing foundation, to provide customers with trustworthy products and solutions.

Self Developed

We are a technology innovation company with many patents


Production process quality control, automatic mount system

Engraving Service

According to customer requirements for text logo printing

Bearing Capacity

Pass the mechanical test of the third party laboratory in Europe

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Use Invisible Paper Handles In Every Corner Of The World

Zhongding company for many years with domestic and foreign universities, research institutions to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, to create new value for customers.

The people of Zhongding follow the character of honesty and trustworthiness, modesty and prudence, respect the heaven and love the people, pragmatic and innovative, to provide higher value and support for partners.

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Wuxi Zhongding Packaging Technology Co., LTD was established

Focus on research and development of paper handle and obtained a number of product patents

Automatic high-speed paper handle production equipment was successfully developed

Paper handle automatic mounting equipment was successfully developed

Move on for environmentally friendly paper handles

Obtained ISO certification

Won the 2020 International Packaging Innovation Conference (IPIF) green packaging will

Paper handpuppet project won the silver award of "Packaging Star" of China Baoding Association

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