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Wuxi Brand Oat Milk Transport Paper Handle

The contradiction between packaging and environmental protection is inevitable. Generally speaking, products need packaging in commercial sales. If there is no packaging, of course, there will be no consumption of resources, but as a commodity, packaging is necessary.


Solve the environmental protection of packaging from the source of paper materials.


We believe that paper is alive, and the real environmental protection needs to achieve that all the packaging can be recycled, buried in the soil can be decomposed synchronously, for example, the handbag can have enough toughness with paper rope instead of nylon rope.


The principle of no waste is to guide customers' choice and application.


Replacing plastic with paper is a major trend in the global packaging industry. With the upgrading of market consumption, the demand for paper has undergone structural changes, showing the upgrading of functionality, personalization and paper use.


Wuxi brand oat milk, abandoned imported oats and resolutely chose domestic oats. I hope to speak with quality, as good as domestic oats!


Replacing dairy products with vegetable milk is a lifestyle that reduces carbon emissions and contributes to environmental protection.


Compared with tradition, the carbon emissions of highland barley oat milk production are much less than that of animal milk, and can reduce the consumption of water resources and land resources.


Paper handle+degradable straw, the inner and outer packaging opens the double reduction mode, so that she emits a healthy taste from the inside out.


Environmental protection is the theme of the times, and low-carbon packaging is a new track, containing unlimited opportunities. With the further consolidation of the industry market, after the demand volume reaches a certain scale, the paper handle packaging can really reduce the cost of popularization. We can look forward to the changes that emerging materials will bring to our lives.


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