Why use paper bags instead of plastic bags?

In a period of widespread use of plastic products, the world has seen the impact of plastic packaging non-biodegradable waste on the global environment. Paper bags are valued by more and more countries, and many countries have replaced paper bags with plastic bags. Why use paper bags instead of plastic bags? Now Zhongding Packaging will explain it in detail.


Why use paper bags instead of plastic bags


1. If you use a paper bag with a paper handle instead of a plastic bag, because it is 100% Eco-friendly Recyclable Paper Handle, it is not only beneficial to the environment, but also the paper bag can be reused again, and the paper bag can be degraded quickly under the natural action of microorganisms, water, oxygen, etc. Decomposes into harmless substances. However, plastic bags cannot be decomposed naturally, so the use of paper bags is very popular among consumers. And plastic bags pollute the environment. Used plastic bags are everywhere, and their ignition point is very low. If they are burned, they will produce toxic gases, which will pollute the living environment.


2. Plastic bags will emit a pungent smell when used, especially when you use it to put hot meals, there will be a plastic smell, which smells bad. When we use paper bags, it will be very safe. We can find that the current catering industry is beginning to use paper bags to store food, and plastic bags will naturally be phased out.


3. Paper bags look more upscale. Generally, small shops buy things in plastic bags, but if you go to some high-end brand counters to buy goods, you will find that they all use professionally designed paper bags. Using paper bags, you will It feels more classy.


4. The price of paper bags is reasonable, easy to use, much lower than the cost of plastic bags.


5. Strong carrying capacity. Paper bags can bear about 20 kilograms of things. Such paper bags can be seen at any time, which is also the reason why enterprises choose paper bags.


The above is the introduction of "why use paper bags instead of plastic bags". Zhongding Packaging is a professional manufacturer of Double Inserted Paper Handle. It uses high-quality raw materials, low cost and environmental protection. It is your ideal choice.

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