Why do paper handle cartons lose color?

In order to attract consumers, many companies will use color printing technology to make packaging bags more popular with consumers and play a role in occupying consumers' attention. At the same time, colorful colors also make various paper handle cartons look more colorful.


Why do paper handle cartons lose color


However, it is also common for the color to fall off on the paper handle carton, so why does the color fall off? Zhongding Packaging now analyzes through three aspects to tell you the reason why the color of the paper handle carton falls off.


1: The use and selection of paper handle carton printing ink


Ordinary packaging bags are printed with water-based ink, which is easy to fall off. The professional paper handle cartons are printed with oil-based ink, which has good adsorption and is difficult to fall off.


2: Paper handle carton printing method


Ordinary cartons use surface printing, which is printed on the surface of the packaging bag. The paper handle carton uses the method of inner printing. The inner printing is to print on the back of the packaging carton, and then put the printed surface on the inside of the packaging bag by compounding, so that the printing will not be exposed to the outside, which is better. Printed colors are preserved.


3: The environment of carton storage


It is very important to keep the cartons with paper handles. If the packaging bag is exposed to the sun for a long time and the wind blows, even the printing method of the inner printing will cause the packaging bag to fade, so the packaging bag should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. Store it in a certain place, so that the brilliant color of the packaging bag can be preserved for a long time.


Through the analysis of the above points, we now know why the paper handle carton loses its color. As long as we pay attention to the above points, I believe that we will not find the color of the paper handle carton falling off in the future. If you have demand for 100% Eco-friendly Recyclable Paper Handle, please contact us, thank you.

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