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Why Choose Eco-friendly Packaging Handle

- Reduce your carbon footprint

Choose packaging handles made of recycled materials to reduce resource consumption. Choose compostable or recyclable packaging handles to ensure that your packaging handles don't end up in landfills or the ocean.


- Demonstrate your sustainability philosophy to your customers

The handle is usually the first customer experience with the product. Eco-friendly packaging handles let your customers know that your brand's commitment to sustainability is real.


- Against excessive packaging

The design of environmentally friendly packaging handles is not only related to the materials used in production. There are many other ways to make packaging handles more sustainable: folding boxes without glue, flexible bags that take up less space in transit, single materials for easy handling, and fewer raw materials for design.


- Reduce transportation costs

Environmentally friendly packaging handles minimize the amount of packaging material needed to transport goods, which means more economical transportation from production to warehouse to customer.


- Reduce pollution from recycling or composting

Eco-friendly packaging handles should avoid mixing materials as much as possible, including labels, mixing materials (such as recyclable containers with plastic Windows) and standard sticky labels used on other compostable or recyclable packaging that can damage the machine, contaminate the process and thus damage recyclable or compostable work.


Why Choose Eco-friendly Packaging Handle

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