Why are paper handle paper bags recognized by the market

Paper handle paper bag is a relatively common paper product nowadays. In many fields, it has replaced many traditional types of packaging bags. Why is paper handle paper bag recognized by the market? Let Zhongding Packaging explain to you today.


Why are paper handle paper bags recognized by the market


Paper bags with paper handles should first be an extension of corporate image and product advertising strategy, so the making of shopping bags must be environmentally friendly, beautiful, delicate, durable, compact in structure, and not fall off the bottom.


Paper handle paper bags can be roughly divided into two categories: ordinary bags and exquisite shopping bags. Ordinary packaging bags are made with rotary printing bag making machines and have been produced all the time. It is characterized by fast production efficiency, but the disadvantage is that the paper bag is rough and not delicate, so this kind of paper bag is mostly used for general commodity packaging. As for the delicate shopping bags, they are printed in color on a single sheet of paper, then decorated or bronzed, and produced by bag factories using manual and semi-automatic machines.


Paper handle paper bag is a green recyclable product, durable, beautiful appearance, breathable and long service life. Suitable for companies to use as advertisements, gifts, and outer packaging. Consumers get a beautiful paper handle bag while shopping, and merchants get advertising, which is the best of both worlds, so paper handle paper bags are becoming more and more popular in this market, which can satisfy consumers while shopping and allow merchants to promote their own brands .


Paper handle paper box


That's why paper bags with paper handles are favored by more and more customers. If you want to promote yourself for your company, please order our Multi Bend Plug-in Paper Handle, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable, and can make our earth cleaner. The good ones are protected.

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