What are the main features of Paper Handle Box

Paper Handle Box is a common paper packaging box, which usually consists of cardboard, printing, lamination and hand rope. This kind of box has the characteristics of lightness, environmental protection, and beauty, and is widely used in the packaging of food, beverage, gift, cosmetics and other industries.


The main features of Paper Handle Box are as follows:


1. Environmental protection: Box Paper Handle uses cardboard as the main material, which has the advantages of being recyclable and easy to recycle, and meets the requirements of modern society for environmental protection.


2. Lightweight: Paper Handle Box is light in weight, easy to carry and transport, suitable for express delivery, logistics and other industries.


3. Beautiful: Paper Handle Box can be personalized by printing, laminating, etc. to make the product more attractive and beautiful.


4. Convenience: Paper Handle Box is equipped with a hand strap, which is convenient for consumers to carry and use, and improves the product experience.


5. Multifunctional: Paper Handle Box can be designed and produced according to different products, suitable for food, beverage, gift, cosmetics and other industries.


The above is the "Main Features of Paper Handle Box". Paper Handle For Carton Box is a light, environmentally friendly, beautiful, convenient and multi-functional paper packaging box, which is widely used in product packaging in various industries. It can not only protect the product, but also improve the aesthetics and use experience of the product. It is a very practical packaging box. ZHONGDING Packaging is a professional manufacturer of various environmentally friendly Paper Handle suppliers, welcome customers and friends to contact us to discuss cooperation.

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