What are the hazards of non-degradable plastic bags

Non-degradable plastic bags are currently the biggest hazard affecting the environment, and non-degradable plastic bags are still widely used, like plastic bags. Many manufacturers use inferior polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride to make plastic bags, which has caused serious pollution to our earth. Therefore, we advocate the use of recyclable and degradable paper bags with paper handles, so as to make our earth return to green. Do you know the hazards of non-degradable plastic bags?


What are the hazards of non-degradable plastic bags


The hazards of non-degradable plastic bags are as follows:


1. Not easy to rot. It takes about two hundred years for plastic bags to rot when they are buried in the ground, which will seriously pollute the earth's soil; if they are incinerated, they will produce harmful smoke and toxic gases, which will pollute the environment for a long time.


2. Degradable plastics are difficult to degrade. The "degradable plastic bags" that are common in the market are actually just starch added to the plastic raw materials. After landfilling, due to the fermentation of starch and the decomposition of bacteria, large plastic bags will decompose into small pieces that are even invisible to the naked eye. This is a physical degradation that does not fundamentally change the chemical properties of the plastic product.


3. Affect the normal respiration of the soil. The plastic bag itself is not one of the basic substances of soil and water. After being forced into the soil, due to its airtightness, it will affect the heat transfer and microbial growth inside the soil, thereby changing the characteristics of the soil. After a long period of accumulation, these plastic bags will also affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, resulting in reduced crop production.


4. It is easy to cause animals to eat by mistake. Plastic bags discarded on the ground and water are easily swallowed by animals as food. Plastic bags cannot be digested in the stomach of animals, which can easily lead to injury and death of animals.


Environmentally friendly Paper Handle boxer


What I have explained to you above is "the hazards of non-degradable plastic bags". To eliminate the hazards of non-degradable plastic bags, we should try not to use them, but should let everyone advocate the use of green and healthy Multi Bend Plug-in Paper Handle paper bag, so as to make our earth better and better. If you also want to have green and environmentally friendly paper handle paper bags, please contact Zhongding Packaging.

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