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What Are The Advantages Of Paper And Plastic Handles

Paper handle packaging more and more, especially in the promotion of green environmental protection today. We strive to reduce costs and achieve green and pollution-free packaging. The whole paper bucket and paper bucket was created in this situation. Plastic handle packaging in many areas still can not be replaced by paper packaging, but we should also see that paper handle packaging has been more and more widely used. Today we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of paper handle packaging and plastic handle packaging.


Firstly, the cost of paper packaging is generally lower than that of plastic packaging, the production cost and production cycle of paper packaging is shorter than that of plastic packaging, and the cost of raw materials and workers is lower than that of plastic packaging. This is one of the reasons why paper packaging is becoming more and more popular with enterprises.


Secondly, the cost of pollution-free recycling is low. Paper packaging generally degrades easily and can be returned to the field well as an organic fertilizer, while plastic packaging can decompose completely for decades or centuries and is costly to recycle. If it is not recycled effectively, it will cause great pollution to the natural environment.


In addition, compared with plastic packaging, paper packaging has many advantages, but plastic packaging also has some characteristics that paper packaging cannot compare with, especially in the liquid container, it is difficult to replace, the cost of timely replacement is relatively high.


What Are The Advantages Of Paper And Plastic Handles

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