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Vellum -- Material For Making Paper Handles

The green paper handle is made of three layers of strong kraft paper by punching, folding and fitting.


Production equipment by the company independent research and development, and obtained a number of key process patents.


Stable product quality, excellent performance, improved user experience.


Kraft paper is a tough water-resistant wrapping paper, brown in color, widely used to make paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, packaging, etc. Quantitative range from 80g/m2 to 120g/m2. Web and flat paper, single - sided light, double - sided light, stripe light are different. The main quality requirements are flexibility, firmness, high knock resistance, ability to withstand large tension and pressure without cracking. Kraft paper tension is high, single light, double light, stripe, no grain and so on. Mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags and so on.


Packing should follow the principle of convenience and portability. The tensile strength of craft paper makes it ideal for packaging needs. In order to prevent consumers from taking food to go when the packaging bag is torn off, packaging materials should have good tensile strength. Beverage packaging materials are required to have certain moisture resistance and deformation resistance to prevent water absorption, deformation and damage.


Vellum -- Material For Making Paper Handles

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