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The Advantages Of Paper Handle In Various Application Stages

When we go into the supermarket, we often see the plastic handles on the boxes, which make it easier for us to take the goods. As many as 30 billion cartons a year require plastic handles. It takes a lot of labor to support it. If the gap is too large, it will directly affect production.


Compared with the traditional manual paste, the efficiency is low, easy to produce false wear. Automatic pasting of paper handles can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Common plastic handles on the packaging line can easily cause damage to 50‰ cartons and equipment shutdown. Each shutdown lasts 3 to 5 minutes, and the output is lost.


In logistics transportation, the stacked eco-friendly paper handles are not easy to tip over and scratch the body of the packaging box, and the impact of high or low temperature is small in high humidity environment space utilization is higher.


The store's row of eco-friendly paper handles is also easier to stack and less likely to tip over than plastic ones. With various colors of custom LOGO, the overall effect is more beautiful, feel is also very good.


Best of all, eco-friendly paper handles are eco-friendly. The physical and chemical index of the paper handle conforms to international standards, and has passed the EU ROSH and REACH certification. Eu Environmental certification: Products comply with the EU Mandatory Directive on Hazardous Substances in the Environment.


The Advantages Of Paper Handle In Various Application Stages

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