Structural Handle Design Case Analysis

One of the main functions of commodity packaging is portability. The packaging achieves this function through the handle, which is designed to coordinate the relationship with the human hand to achieve labor saving and comfort.


The safety of the handle design is very important, the handle itself cannot be broken; It should also be the right size for consumers' hand-held habits; Secondly, comfort, avoid hurting hands; The handles of high-end packaging boxes also have decoration requirements. In order to ensure safety, the design of the handle must pay attention to whether the structural position is reasonable and the material is firm. The handle is a part of people's portable packaging, so the design of the handle should be based on people's behavior habits, to meet the ergonomic.


A hand-held carton is a carton with a handling structure that can be manually handled. It is a very important and popular special shape carton derived from the basic folding carton, used to pack items with a certain weight; The handling device of the handlebar carton has two kinds: additional type and structural type, which can be evolved from various folding carton structures.


Everyone tried to grab the handle. If it is too thin and hard, it will hurt the hand, or if it is too soft, it will feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The size of the grip beam is not appropriate, which will affect the comfort of consumers. The width of a person's palm is between 70 mm and 100 mm, and the thickness of the palm is between 30 mm and 40 mm. Of course, the size range of children's palms varies greatly, and the requirements of hand sense are also relatively high. Therefore, the packaging handle of children's products should be specially designed for protection. According to the size of the palm, the height of the grip beam is generally more than 20mm. The height of the grip beam for heavy goods should be a larger value. The narrowest size of the box connecting the ends of the handle shall ensure the strength required to carry the package.


Structural Handle Design Case Analysis

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