Properties And Uses Of Kraft Paper

Brown paper is usually yellowish brown, high strength, commonly used as a packaging material. Kraft paper will also turn cream or white when partially or fully bleached. The mass of kraft paper is generally 80~120g/m2, with high strength, tear resistance and dynamic performance. Craft paper is mostly rolled paper, but flat paper is also available. Kraft paper is mainly made of cowhide conifer wood pulp through the process of pulping, papermaking and so on. Usually used as cement bag paper, envelope paper, adhesive paper packaging, insulation paper, etc.


The origin of craft paper is a long time ago. Vellum is made of real cowhide. However, kraft paper made from cowhide was only used to make drum skins, while today's kraft paper for packaging was made from food fibers after people learned the technique of paper making. Because of the yellowish-brown color of the paper when it was made, and because the paper was so strong, it was called craft paper.


Craft paper is made in the same way as regular paper, but one wonders why craft paper is stronger than regular paper. This is because all the wood used to make kraft paper has very long fibres and is treated with caustic soda and alkaline alkali sulphide chemicals when cooking in the papermaking process. In this way, the original strength and toughness of the plant fiber are retained. Paper made from pulp is closely connected with the fiber, so kraft paper has good toughness and high strength tear resistance.


Brown paper is widely used. Can be divided into roll paper, flat paper, as well as single-sided light, double-sided light, striped paper. However, they are of the same quality, flexible, strong, high knock resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure without cracking.


Properties And Uses Of Kraft Paper

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