Paper Packaging Makes The World Greener

Paper packaging has always played an important role in our daily life. From refrigerators, televisions and other household appliances to carton handles, almost everything is wrapped in paper products. The use of paper products has expanded since the plastic restrictions were put in place. The original plastic packaging shopping bags are gradually withdrawn from the domestic market, replaced by paper packaging shopping bags. Plastic bags are becoming the least popular products. Because if businesses want to use plastic for their customers, they have to charge for it. For consumers, the original "free" service suddenly requires extra costs, which is difficult to arouse people's interest, and virtually reduces their consumption desire. It's not hard to understand why many businesses have switched from plastic packaging to paper packaging, as it can be provided to consumers for free. For a period of time, the consumption of paper packaging products has risen sharply, but the application of paper packaging products is not limited to this.


The future of the box world is made of paper. The world calls for green packaging and home care. Papermaking technology will be widely used in packaging industry. Green packaging will become the main trend of packaging industry in the future. However, replacing wood, plastic, glass and metal with paper has become a sustainable consensus. Paper materials have more renewable natural materials, more environmentally friendly recycling, fully demonstrates the development potential of paper materials.


As a new industry, green packaging needs the introduction and development of technology. Starting from the idea of developing circular economy, we should promote the transformation of packaging industry to ecological protection, realize green packaging, and make packaging industry play a bigger role in social construction.


Paper Packaging Makes The World Greener

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