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Paper Handles For All Types Of Boxes

Wuxi Zhongding Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of paper handles and related equipment and solutions. Is an independent development of new products, new materials, new process solutions of scientific and technological innovation company.


The core founders of Zhongding come from packaging, electronics, automotive, intelligent equipment and other industries. With advanced research and development concepts and methods. At the same time, based on a good manufacturing foundation, to provide customers with reliable products and solutions.


Tripod company for many years with domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutions cooperation, for customers to create new value.


Zhongding people adhering to the quality of honesty, trustworthiness, modesty, prudence, respect for heaven and love, pragmatic innovation, to provide partners with higher value and support.


Suitable for all types of boxes on the market. According to customer demand for carton handle production, and sold to foreign markets.


Functional, decorative strong


Bottom fastening box, double socket back sealing glue, cardboard box side sealing, double external box, bottom box with hook, automatic fastening box, automatic bottom fastening box, aircraft box, heaven and earth cover box - drawer box.


Production automation, quality control, replaceable paper handle and mounting system, ecological automatic mounting system


Provide a variety of paper handle installation solutions:


1. Manual installation


2. Installation of semi-automatic equipment


3. Automatic high-speed installation


4. According to the production line model customization


The handle can be printed with various colors of LOGO, text, pattern, and can provide customized services.


Paper Handles For All Types Of Boxes

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