Paper bottle coke opens a new world of packaging possibilities

Scientists estimate that 8 million tons of plastic (about the weight of 90 aircraft carriers) enter the ocean every year. The paper bottle company hopes to help manufacturers and distributors reduce the pollution of disposable plastic waste by replacing fossil fuels with biodegradable plant sugar.


Coca-Cola recently announced the prototype of the paper bottle and said that it believed that paper packaging would play a role in the future.


The paper bottle prototype consists of a paper shell, but still uses a plastic cap and plastic liner to hold liquid (both use 100% recycled plastic). But Coca-Cola's goal is to create a kind of bottle without plastic lining.


Compared with the curved plastic bottle and paper bottle packaging of Coca-Cola before, it adopts a straighter cylindrical design,What's more, the pleated design at the bottom makes it look more papery, simple and special.


Of course, the key is that the new packaging material is made of Nordic wood pulp paper and can be recycled 100%.


Considering that the paper bottle packaging should not only bear the pressure of various drinks, but also face the collision and extrusion encountered in the transportation process, the design adopts the integrated molding method of single paper fiber to make its texture more tough.


In addition, this material has excellent plasticity and can be designed into various shapes.


In order to be suitable for filling carbonated drinks, distilled water and other liquid products, there is also a layer of biological material protective film on the inner wall.


Such paper bottle packaging is easy to recycle, which undoubtedly greatly reduces plastic pollution.


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