Packaging box paper handle: the choice of environmental protection, beauty and practicality

With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the environmental protection of packaging boxes. In the design of packaging boxes, paper handles for boxes have become an increasingly popular choice. This article will discuss the advantages of environmental protection, aesthetics and practicality of packaging box paper handles.


box paper handle


1. Environmental protection


In comparison, plastic handles are an environmentally unfriendly choice. They are usually made of petroleum and are not easy to degrade, causing great pollution to the environment. In contrast, paper handles are made from renewable materials and can easily be recycled and reused. Therefore, paper handles have become the first choice for environmentalists and businesses.


2. Beautiful


In contrast, paper handles are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic handles. They can be printed in various colors and patterns to make them more attractive. In addition, many consumers believe that boxes with paper handles are more fashionable and classy.


3. Practical


In contrast, paper handles are more practical than plastic handles. They can hold heavier weights and are therefore more suitable for packaging large items. In addition, the paper handle can be perfectly integrated with the packaging box, making the packaging box more sturdy and stable.


4. Brand promotion


In contrast, paper handles can also be used as a tool for brand promotion. Merchants can print their own logos and slogans to make it easier for consumers to remember their brands. In addition, paper handles can also increase the value and attractiveness of the packaging box, making consumers more willing to buy.


In short, the paper handle packaging box is an environmentally friendly, beautiful and practical choice. They can help businesses meet their environmental goals while also enhancing the value and appeal of the box. With the improvement of environmental awareness, we believe that environmentally friendly paper handles will become the choice of more and more enterprises.

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