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Innovative Development Of Zhongding Paper Handle

Innovative R&D - master key technologies


With the tenet of "environmental protection concept, recycling and recyclability", Zhongding has developed a variety of paper handles and related supporting solutions, hoping that paper handles can replace plastic handles and solve environmental protection problems from the source.


Since the establishment of the enterprise, technical R&D personnel have started to research and develop products and production equipment from 0. All key technologies are developed steadily using the internationally advanced DFSS R&D theory.


The company has independently researched and developed 14 intellectual property rights. Among them, the patent achievement of "paper handle" won the Silver Award of the Star of Packaging in 2019 for its packaging technology solution for the packaging industry; Green environmental protection packaging award of the 2020 International Packaging Innovation Conference [Blue Star Plan].


R&D Achievement Certificate: (Certificate)


Achieve a series of scientific and technological achievements and apply for national patents around the relevant equipment and processes of the paper handle


Patent name:


Paper handle


Paper carrying strap


Production equipment for paper handle


A slitting device for paper handle


A hidden paper handle


Multi way paper handle production equipment


Zhongding Packaging Paper Handle Production Equipment Control System V1.0


Zhongding Baohuang Gluing Temperature and Humidity Control Optimization System V1.0


Control system of glue spraying device for hidden handle fitting of Zhongding Packaging V1.0


A glue spraying device for hidden handle fitting


Zhongding Packaging Current, Dianya Real time Monitoring System Software V1.0


Zhongding Packaging Paper Handle Adhesive Spraying Amount Detection System Software V1.0


Innovative Development Of Zhongding Paper Handle

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