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How To Choose Suitable Kraft Paper For Paper Handle

A paper handle, which is a book made of paper. The handle of a handbag we usually see in the supermarket is a paper handle. Of course, the role of paper handles is not limited to this, but also widely used in clothing, footwear, toys, printing, packaging and other fields. Today, we're going to start with paper for making paper handles.


There are many types of paper that can be used to make paper handles, but most manufacturers of paper handles choose brown paper as their raw material for a variety of reasons.


For example, white kraft paper is the most popular raw material in paper processing, and can be used to make colorful single - and double-strand paper ropes. After production and processing (such as water glue hand winding machine, high-speed winding machine, round rope paper rope machine, etc.), the white cowhede roll paper becomes a right Angle paper rope or round rope with different thickness, rope and paper production does not need to be cut, knot like the front hand rope, because its specifications and characteristics are fully prepared before production, only need to paste the paper bag directly, thus can greatly reduce the production process, Effective cost savings.


The handle is made of white kraft paper, which has good ductility, delicate feel, smooth appearance and strong flexibility. These physical properties determine the ability of a paper bag to withstand heavy loads and burst suddenly.


In addition, white kraft paper has a good color, and handles made from it are stable and green in color. Most high-end gift bags or makeup bags have handles made of white kraft paper.


At the production price of the handle, if the machine is shut down to replace the rope, there will be a lot of defective products. Because white kraft paper joints are few, not easy to knot, so the shutdown rarely change the rope, to a large extent to avoid the occurrence of handle defects.


How To Choose Suitable Kraft Paper For Paper Handle

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