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How To Choose Natural Kraft Paper And White Kraft Paper

Cowhide paper rope, as the name suggests, is made of kraft paper rope, can also be said to be rolled up with kraft paper rope. It can be used as a portable cord for tote bags and shopping bags. The paper rope made of kraft paper is the mainstream environmental protection paper rope in the market. It can also be used for gift bundling, product packaging and other fields. Paper rope kraft paper is generally 60G ~ 120G kraft paper. In order to make the rope easily, the kraft paper should not be too thick. It's not easy to fold too thick. Thin kraft paper is relatively soft. It can be twisted into paper rope by machine. Therefore, the quality of kraft paper must be good. It cannot be broken immediately. Kraft paper rope can choose domestic kraft paper or imported all wood kraft paper. If paper rope is only used for hand rope such as clothing shopping bags and handbags, 80G of natural kraft paper made in China can be used. The paper rope made of natural kraft paper is very suitable and brown in color, which is very suitable for carrying. Secondly, natural kraft paper has good tension and high explosion resistance, so it will not break when making paper rope. In addition, the main problem in making paper rope is that the brown paper roll cannot have seams. The fewer rolls of craft paper joints, the better. The paper rope is made of long, straight and twisted together. If there are seams, they can't be screwed together evenly. If it is a white handbag, the white food bag will be made of white kraft paper paper rope. There is no need to worry about the quality of the white kraft paper used to make the rope. White kraft paper is pure wood pulp, good tension, but more expensive than kraft paper.


How To Choose Natural Kraft Paper And White Kraft Paper

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