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How To Choose A Lifting Rope Suitable For Custom Handbags?

As the outer packaging of goods, handbags have been favored by merchants and customers, so more and more people begin to customize handbags. However, how to match our product with the hand rope, we also need to seriously think about the problem. Today, we're going to look at how to choose the right hand string for a custom handbag.


It's in line with the handbag material


We need to take the material of the handlebar bag into consideration when choosing the sling for a custom handbag. Taking UNIqlo as an example, due to the fierce trend of environmental protection, Uniqlo and other big brands all use kraft paper as raw material to produce customized handbags, and the lifting rope generally chooses corresponding paper rope as lifting rope, which has the advantages of the same overall material and easy consistency. In addition, the brittleness of kraft paper bags, it is difficult to make a round hole threading. Compared with coated paper, kraft paper and other materials, simple stickers on the string is not beautiful. In addition, these materials are hard and easy to punch holes, so cotton rope is widely used.


Relating to the unity of colors


It is said that the best way to match clothes is to match all colors, no more than three colors, so the matching clothes are very aesthetic. This principle also works well when customizing a handbag. The overall design style of the handbag is white, the use of black lifting rope must not match. If the overall design style is red, the use of black lifting rope is also very inappropriate, of course, there are exceptions, when you want to highlight their differences, you can also use a strong contrast of the rope, but not suitable for ordinary merchants.


It is related to the style of the product


In the age of personalization, we need to have our own unique needs. For example, some high-end customers may choose a ribbon as their own customized bag string. Some small and fresh styles have a bow on the hoisting line. This is differentiated competitiveness. Even we can see riveted paper bags using PVC as their own lifting rope, but these personalized things are gradual changes in the basic principle, the most important is the above two points. When you do well, the future is something to look forward to.


How To Choose A Lifting Rope Suitable For Custom Handbags?

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