How High Is This Suitcase With A Handle

In daily printing work, the printing of portable carton packaging is an important project. From the perspective of portable carton packaging circulating on the market, it can be roughly divided into three types: self-carrying handle, plastic handle and rope handle. Next, we will analyze three types of handbag packaging.


The so-called carry-on suitcase is a combination of the handle and the suitcase. This is die-cut from paper. Generally, the height of the handle is between 55mm and 70mm, depending on the size of the box. The height of the hands is mostly 65 mm. If the actual printing paper cutting material is insufficient, as long as it does not affect the comfort of the hand and normal use, the handle can be reduced to 45mm or 50mm. The advantage of this carton packaging with its own handle is that it saves material and makes the handle beautiful and economical from the leftover paper itself.


Paper handles are common on milk cartons and drink cartons. Long service life, good load-bearing performance. Therefore, when the box load is relatively large, it is generally the best choice.


Luggage with strings is common in gift boxes. They are highly praised by many designers for their colorful colors and styles. When designing gift boxes, designers often use ropes as accessories to reflect the variety of packaging.


How High Is This Suitcase With A Handle

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