Global Paper Bag Market Status, Market Capacity And Development Trend Forecast

Plastic bags are consumables in everyday life. On the one hand, they provide convenience to customers, but they also cause resource waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, paper bags are more suitable for low-carbon green life. Paper is a recyclable resource and is biodegradable. With the development of today's economy, people's aesthetic level is also improving rapidly. Compared with plastic bags, paper bags are easier to form. Externally, it will have more texture.


Paper packaging is estimated to account for 65 per cent of the total recycled packaging market. Recycling rates for paper and cardboard in the United States and Canada have maintained healthy growth over the past few years. Recovery rates are currently 80% in Canada and 70% in the United States. Meanwhile, the average recycling rate for recycled paper packaging in Europe is 75%. The low recycling rates in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world are mainly due to the lack of adequate modern recycling facilities. Among countries in the world, China has seen the largest increase in demand for paper packaging.


Now the whole society and even the whole world are advocating the concept of environmental protection, and many printing manufacturers are also responding positively. Specific measures include recommending environmentally friendly paper and ink to customers, but at a high price. In addition to the necessary die cutting, paste, post production process also used a lot of binding technology, such as envelope, oil, gold stamping, silver stamping, bulging, hollow, indentation, can greatly improve the appearance of the handbag and grade.


Global Paper Bag Market Status, Market Capacity And Development Trend Forecast

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