For our common home earth, please use green paper handle paper bags

Packaging bags refer to bags used to pack various supplies, making the goods convenient to transport and store during the production and distribution process. Widely used in daily life and industrial production. Actual figures show that 80% of used plastic bags are finally transported to landfill areas for disposal like general garbage, and only 7% of plastics are recycled.


handle paper bags


Polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride are the main raw materials for the production of plastic products such as shopping bags for daily use and agricultural land molds, which are widely used because of their low price, light weight, large capacity, and easy storage. However, the waste after use is basically non-degradable and has great harm to society.


There are many materials for making packaging bags, including plastic bags made of polypropylene and two-way polypropylene, and paper bags with paper handles made of paper. Plastic bags are non-recyclable bags that can sit in the ground for decades and emit harmful fumes. The paper bags with paper handles made entirely of paper materials not only have a large load-bearing capacity, but are also recyclable, easy to decompose, and will not produce toxic gases when decomposed, which is very environmentally friendly.


The World Environmental Protection Council advocates green environmental protection and protects our earth, so we have the responsibility and obligation to do our part to protect the environment. For our common home earth, please use green paper handle paper bags. Recommend>>>100% Eco-friendly Recyclable Paper Handle

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