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Eco-friendly Hidden Paper Handle

There are many kinds of handles on the market, including plastic, leather, alloy, etc., but these are not only expensive and environmentally friendly, but also easy to cut by some sharp corners. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, paper bags and paper handles appear.


This product is a paper handle independently developed by Wuxi Zhongding Packaging Technology Co., LTD. It is made of three layers of environmentally friendly paper material through punching, bending, composite and other processes.


All raw materials are imported, and all wood pulp kraft linings are from Northern Europe.


The abundance of long fibers in all wood pulp paper ensures high tensile properties of the material and provides adequate breaking force.


The physical and chemical indexes of the paper handle reached the international standard.


This product has passed the mechanical test of the third party laboratory in Europe,


And through the EU environmental protection ROSH and REACH certification.


Since the establishment of the enterprise, the technical research and development personnel from 0 to develop products and production equipment. All key technologies are developed steadily with the international advanced DFSS research and development theory.


The company has independently developed 14 intellectual property rights. Among them, the patent of "Paper handle" provides packaging technology solutions for the packaging industry and won the silver award of "Packaging Star" in 2019; 2020 International Packaging Innovation Conference Green Packaging Award [Blue Star Program].


Eco-friendly Hidden Paper Handle General Assembly

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