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Advantages of Zhongding Paper Handle

Since the establishment of the enterprise, technical R&D personnel have started to research and develop products and production equipment from 0. All key technologies are developed steadily using the internationally advanced DFSS R&D theory.


The company has independently researched and developed 14 intellectual property rights. Among them, the patent achievement of "paper handle" won the Silver Award of the Star of Packaging in 2019 for its packaging technology solution for the packaging industry; Green environmental protection packaging award of the 2020 International Packaging Innovation Conference [Blue Star Plan].


Brand advantages:


Independent patent: paper handle and its related preparation process and equipment are independently researched and developed, and a number of patents have been obtained


Management specification: standardized enterprise management, 20 years of production management experience, and ISO certification of production system


Industry recognition: under the global situation of plastic prohibition and restriction, it has won the highest prize of China Packaging Federation and IPIF for many times


Customer trust: provide customized customer demand analysis, cooperate with many well-known enterprises, and have a good reputation


Honors and qualifications:


Patent certificate: a series of scientific and technological achievements have been made around the paper handle related equipment and processes and national patents have been applied


Third party tension test: the product has passed the special test conducted by the European third party professional testing company, and all indicators have met the customer's needs


EU environmental certification: the product complies with the EU mandatory directive on hazardous substances in the environment.


Advantages of Zhongding Paper Handle

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