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Advantages And Properties Of Paper Packaging Materials

Paper packaging materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable, cost saving and so on. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements for packaging materials in the international market, paper packaging materials are the preferred packaging materials. In addition to environmental protection, paper packaging materials have another feature, that is, they can quickly pass the commodity inspection door, so as to quickly save logistics costs. Here's a look at the advantages of paper packaging and the properties of packaging materials used in food packaging.


Advantages of paper packaging materials:


Due to the above characteristics of paper packaging materials, the number of paper packaging materials is increasing. In addition to the above features, paper packaging materials have the following unique advantages:


1. Wide source of raw materials, low cost, variety, easy to form mass production;


2. Good processing performance, convenient composite processing, excellent printing performance;


3, with certain mechanical parts, light weight, good buffer performance;


4. Health and safety;


5, garbage can be recycled, no white pollution.


Performance of paper packaging materials:


Paper, as a modern packaging material, is mainly used in the production of cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper containers and other packaging products, among which corrugated board and carton occupy a leading position in paper packaging materials and products; Composite paper, cardboard and special processing paper made of various materials have been widely used, and will partially replace plastic packaging materials in the application of food packaging, to solve the environmental problems brought by plastic packaging.


The performance of paper packaging materials used for food packaging is mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1. Printing performance


Paper and cardboard are often used as printing surfaces on packaging because of their strong ink absorption and good printing performance. The printing properties of paper and board are mainly determined by surface smoothness, sizing, elasticity and adhesion.


Health and safety performance


Certain chemicals (such as lye and salts left over from sulphate pulping) are often left behind during the papermaking process, especially chemical pulping. Therefore, according to the contents of the package, the correct and reasonable selection of paper and cardboard.


Barrier performance


Paper and board are porous fiber materials, water, gas, light, grease and so on have a certain permeability, its barrier performance is affected by temperature, humidity. Single paper packaging materials can not be used for packaging high moisture, high oil content, high barrier requirements of food, but through appropriate surface treatment can meet the barrier performance requirements.


Mechanical properties


Paper and cardboard have a certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability, its strength mainly depends on the paper material, quality, thickness, processing technology, surface conditions and certain temperature and humidity conditions; In addition, paper also has a certain folding, elastic and tearing properties, suitable for making special-shaped packaging containers or packaging.


Ambient temperature and humidity have a great influence on the strength of paper and cardboard. The change of air temperature and humidity will cause the change of balance humidity of paper and cardboard, and finally make its mechanical properties change in different degrees. Change of mechanical properties of paper with relative humidity. Because the paper fiber is more absorbent, when the humidity increases, the tensile strength and tearing strength of the paper will decrease, affecting the usability of paper and cardboard. In determining the mechanical properties of paper and board, relative temperature and humidity conditions must be maintained.




Paper and cardboard have good processing properties, folding, and can be sealed in a variety of ways. Easy to process into various performance of the packaging container, easy to realize mechanized processing operation. There is already a mature production process. Good processing performance allows it to design a variety of functional structures, such as Windows, handles, partitions and display tables. In addition, through proper surface treatment, paper and cardboard can provide the necessary moisture, insect protection, barrier, heat sealing, strength and physical properties, expand their use range.


Advantages And Properties Of Paper Packaging Materials

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